ELOHIM: The Apocalyptic Time Machine
February 24 - March 24, 2005

The lightning bolts depicted throughout this exhibit, and brought to reality through the Van de Graaff Generators within the cubicle, symbolize and represent the power of God (Elohim) in the Ark of the Covenant. The ark was a powerful capacitor which collected and stored energy within itself. Whenever this energy was discharged it often brought great destruction and death to those within its range. Moses appointed a specially trained group of priests with knowledge of how to safely handle and transport the extremely dangerous ark.

When Israel was not on the move the ark was placed within a tent, inside a cubicle the size of the one in this exhibit. This cubicle was called "The Holy of Holies," and "The Oracle."  It was a portal to the spirit realm, and a virtual time machine, which connected the temporal world to the eternal, when the proper frequencies were attained. Josephus, a first-century Jewish historian, referred to the Holy of Holies as, "a heaven peculiar to God." That is, the private dwelling of Elohim. When the portal was activated it was no longer just a room in the tabernacle, it became an actual doorway between heaven and earth. When the High Priest entered the Oracle Chamber, there was an interaction between the energy of the ark and the crystals in the breastplate he wore. The circuit was completed and the frequency within the chamber had such an effect on the physical and spiritual realms that the invisible became manifest and tangible.

The physical and spiritual worlds exist in the same space at the same time, but at different frequencies. Everything that exists is made up of waves (frequencies). Our limited physical senses can only comprehend and process a small segment of the electromagnetic spectrum. Wavelengths above or below this narrow corridor go undetected by our natural senses. When there is some anomaly present within the veil that normally keeps other worlds invisible, time and space may be temporarily transcended revealing the spirit realm. In a sense heaven is brought to earth, or earth is brought to heaven. Like when the High Priest entered the Holy of Holies and found himself transported to "a heaven peculiar to God." When the priest activated the Ark of the Covenant, Elohim manifested in an energy form above the mercy seat (lid) of the ark. From this manifestation of pure energy Yahweh spoke and instructed the Israelites.

Above the tent was a pillar-cloud of fire and smoke, a flaming whirlwind teaming with uncontainable energy, hurling lightning bolts as it churned the atmosphere. It was the same portal of heaven that was seen by Jacob when he had laid his head at the Chief Cornerstone (the pyramidal capstone representing Yesu Christ). It was the same whirlwind-portal that carried Elijah into the heavens. Ezekiel saw it. He called it a wheel in the middle of a wheel, and was transported by it through time and space. God spoke to Job out of the same portal. Yesu Christ traveled through portals many times in Scripture. So did his apostles and disciples.

In the Biblical writings, Elohim enters this world through a portal, in a whirlwind swirling with fire and lightning, accompanied by roaring thunder and quaking earth.

God's presence and awesome energy was always with the ark, and people died for simply touching it. But to those who had reverence and the knowledge to use it properly, the Ark of the Covenant was a key to the portal of heaven.

February 24 - March 24, 2005
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Norbert Kox with his lightning machine [giant Van de Graaff Generator]
The symbolic meaning of  the
lightening bolt machine in this exhibit
Ancient Electricity